I think like the Urban Dictionary

14 Aug

The first time I arrived in the Ft. Lauderdale airport back in January, there was a giant sign:

“Welcome to South Florida!”

I immediately thought “Welcome to SoFlo!”

I’ve lived in Virginia all my life and never thought of Florida in north and south terms until that moment in the airport. I’d never heard anyone abbreviate it like that, so I thought I was clever, maybe even original.

In the same way people think their bee pun is original when they find out about my fiance’s hobby.

In my delusion, I was ready to recommend a new marketing campaign for South Florida.

Go West, young man?

No, Go SoFlo.

Just look at the name of this blog: I had fallen hard for SOFLO. But not until today did I decide to investigate whether or not anyone else uses this abbreviation I’d never heard before. No surprise to any of you, I’m no original.

Top Google hit was Urban Dictionary. The intriguing part about this is that three entries down is the adjective form of the word, meaning a person who possesses a certain “social fluidity” as a result of spontaneity. It mentions people who are into music, dance, skateboarding. And if you keep reading, it mentions that the line between possessing soflo and con artisty is a fine one. Excellent news.

A few hits down I found Your Resource for Florida Indicators and they actually bagged the URL SoFlo.org. Indicators was such a broad word to me, so it took some reading to figure out what they actually do on this site, but it’s Florida Atlantic University’s bank of resources on the regional economy, etc. It’s intelligent, classy SoFlo. Things are looking up.

Next hit was for the SoFlo Skate Shop in Miami. Grungy font, edgy photos, spray-painted t-shirts? Dude, yes! The web store is “under construction” and directs you to “check us out on MySpace!” This is where you learn that the owner claims to be an 84-yr-old male. FYI, his status is “swinger” and his body type is “excess baggage.” Ladies?

And finally we arrive at SoFlo Apparel, whose mission is to bring the “swagger and attitude of South Florida and the East Coast to the rest of the nation.” Their newest item for 2010 is this electric blue shirt.

And while they take pride in their “extreme sports background,” they do not discriminate. As long as you are “living life to the fullest” and “loving every minute of it,” you too can be a part of the SoFlo family.

And so I remove my cynical hat and you know, chill. After all I can be spontaneous, flirt with adrenaline rushes, dance, and work a room in most social situations. In fact, armed with a little soflo, I might fit right in.

(Especially if I wear that shirt while blasting this Icehouse classic.)

2 Responses to “I think like the Urban Dictionary”

  1. Aaron at 10:44 pm #

    I think I could rock that shirt whilst rollerblading on the boardwalk? Or would that be too much?

  2. Kara at 7:58 pm #

    Nothing is too much in SoFlo.

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