People like lists (and so do I).

10 Jun

As a publication adviser, I know that readers like lists over large blocks of text. The Onion captured this trend hilariously here. What I noticed recently is how I will read pretty much anything on the web written in list form. Microsoft is the master of this technique; they feature lists of useless, yet entertaining, information on their homepage in such an inviting way that you are tricked into believing it’s helpful advice and you should click here.

Parenting lessons learned from soap operas? Seemed like a must read.

No, I’m not a parent, and no, I don’t watch soap operas (anymore), but it doesn’t matter: I read every word. I’ll admit I was amused by Jeremy Greenberg’s insight that “confidence trumps looks,” using Luke and Laura’s wedding as evidence: “All they need to do is look at this picture of Luke and Laura to remind themselves that if a guy masquerading as a Lakeland terrier found love, anyone can.” I also enjoyed the references to evil twins and amnesia (I had forgotten so much about Days of our Lives).

Top ten surprising headache triggers.

I was disappointed with the suggestions that you should eat spinach over wine and barley over chocolate (how are those equal?). Normally I would drink a glass of Cabernet to unwind, but I’ll be good and eat a handful of baby spinach instead. Bowl of Dove dark chocolate as an evening treat? Skip that, pass the barley bowl. Just thinking about that gives me a headache. Now that’s surprising (#11).

What his cuddling style reveals.

This one was straight from Cosmo, and I stopped following this line of clicks once I got to one on why men fall in love and it actually suggested that you should share your fears with your mate because “He’ll be reassured that you’re navigating new waters too, not trying to trap him.” Oh, Cosmo you haven’t changed a bit. PS. I didn’t miss you.

Nine great grilled desserts.

I don’t own a grill, nor do I make desserts. But you never know when I might decide to combine these two things I’ve shown no previous interest in. But I can assure you if I ever did make honey-glazed plums or strawberry cream cheese campfire crepes, I might be tempted to turn into one of those people who takes pictures of food and posts them on Facebook.

Stay tuned for my own list that actually relates to the topic of this blog. I’ll give you a hint: it involves a scanner.


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