2 Jun

Just as school ended today, the sky opened up and all you could hear was the pounding downpour on the roof. I hadn’t noticed the preliminary signs of this as my students were giving research presentations using PowerPoint (shades drawn, lights off). When the artificial lights flickered on, and my students finished rubbing their still adjusting eyes, I saw the gloomy rain beating down on the tops of the yellow buses outside the window. I had wanted to flee the building all afternoon. Mother Nature would like me to hold off another fifteen minutes. I walked outside around 4 to an embracing sunlight and drove home in a sunny rainstorm: this merely elevated the confusing mix of emotions I’d been harboring all day.

Earlier this morning, I drove my fiance to the airport so that he could catch a flight to South Florida (his current and my future home). Some background: less than a week after we got engaged, he left studying honeybee disease and started a new job researching termites a few miles west of Ft. Lauderdale. Yes, I’m marrying an entomologist and yes, I’m moving 14 hours away from all my family and friends so he can follow his dream. Was this an easy decision? Obviously not. I mean leaving a job I love, the moving part, the getting over the fear of change: that didn’t come easy. Saying yes to marrying Aaron? Easiest decision I ever made. But maybe that’s because nothing about our relationship has ever been convenient: we’ve always been long distance (it just went from 3.5 hours to it’s faster to fly). You don’t burn up the highway in your 30’s unless it’s worth it, so pledging a lifetime to my bug man = no brainer.

And yet with all this excitement and all these good things coming my way, the burden of selling my house and unfinished work have me paralyzed a bit. I know soon I’ll get inspired and become so productive I won’t even recognize myself, but in the interim I’ll keep harboring the clouds that block all those rays of the Sunshine State.

Taken at Dania Beach, FL, in January (This was one of the few times the sun peeked out on a generally cloudy day; despite this post, I'm an optimist).

5 Responses to “Rainshine.”

  1. Welcome! While I regret losing you to SoFlo, I’m excited to keep up with your journey via the blog!

    Do you know the song “Soulshine” originally by the Allman Brothers, covered by… lots of other people? It kept playing through my head as I read this. It’s a great song, and very you, I think.

  2. ally at 1:39 pm #

    ! ! ! I love it here already.

  3. Kara at 10:29 pm #

    I hadn’t heard that Allman Bros. song in a very long time; thanks for reminding me of it! It fits perfectly.

  4. D@# at 4:45 am #

    Like you, I left a job that I loved to follow my spouse and move across the country to pursue her dream job. I’d say it’s worked out pretty well in that I’ve found a job that I love just as much, if not more. I hope you’re as fortunate. You’ll be greatly missed for your enormous energy and enthusiasm and warmth and humor!


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    […] (while at times only monthly) for over a year now. While almost everything has changed since my first post, many things have come full circle. A year ago, I worried about finding a new job once I moved to […]

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